Drag and Drop

Simply place your tables on the floorplan. Create the guests and drag them to the table. Add a dancefloor, a buffet table, wedding gift table and whatever else you require to easily visualise how your room will be organised.

Work on it anywhere

Works on all browsers and tablets, you can work on your wedding seating arrangement from anywhere and save and load it as often as you like.

Free to use.

The planner is free to use for small events and gatherings although you can only save a single plan. We have a paid option which enables you to add multiple seating plans and invite other users to edit or view your seaingg plans.

Manage your guests.

Manage catering, special requirements and much more. Be able to create food menus and ensure that you know which guests have special dietary requirements or accessibility requirements.

Makes planning your wedding seating a breeze

Everything required to create your wedding seating plan.

Our planner will enable you to get your wedding seating plan organised in a few minutes. Select the shape and style of your tables and the number of seats. Create a top table and special VIP tables if you require. You can even have themed tables so you can have a special theme for your wedding or event

Everything is perfectly orgainized

You can save your plan as often as you like. Load it up on your laptop on the train or during your lunch break. It makes seating planning a joy and not a chore.

Were not quite ready.

We are still putting the finishing touches to our wedding seating planner. Let us keep you informed of our progress by sending your email address. We will let you know as soon as we are ready.